An illustration photo shows the globe with a tree standing on top. On the left hand side, a red backed illustration shows barren trees and oil refinery towers. On the right hand side, a green backed illustration shows wind turbines and solar panels. A sound equaliser image crosses the screen to indicates audio.

Just Transition

Updated: November 14, 2022

How do we tackle the climate crisis without neglecting people whose livelihoods depend on polluting industries? And what happens when they’re left behind?
A Just Transition is about transforming the economy in ways that are fair for everyone - whether you mine coal or crypto, whether you work in the city or on a plantation, whether you’re an activist or an industrialist.
In Series 1 of this podcast from Context, join host Iman Amrani and our journalists in Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Iceland, India and the United States to hear extraordinary stories about how the Just Transition is playing out across the globe.