A handout screen grab from thermographic video footage shot on April 6 by Clean Air Task Force (CATF), shows what appears to be methane gas leaking from two stacks at SNAM's Panigaglia LNG terminal near La Spezia, Italy. CATF/James Turitto/Handout via Reuters
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Governments must step up to fund methane-hunting space camera

Forty years ago, I was dousing oil field equipment with soapy water and searching for bubbles to form. This practice of checking for leaking gas was all too common - but it was not reliable or scalable. Fast forward to today. I am now on my soapbox pioneering ways to slash methane emissions worldwide.

As an environmental policy expert who has studied and tracked the climate impacts of global oil and gas throughout my career, I’ve worked with leaders to introduce a multitude of solutions to cut greenhouse gas emissions. While the focus has historically been on carbon dioxide, methane has flown under the radar. The time has come to focus on this powerful, invisible climate pollutant.

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Deborah Gordon