Kam Thon harvests river weed, or khai, in the Mekong River along the Thai-Laos border. February 6, 2023. Thomson Reuters Foundation/Rina Chandran


Villagers return from a market to Yechila town in south central Tigray walking past scores of burned vehicles, in Tigray, Ethiopia, July 10, 2021


A call centre, mobile phone, and landline are shown in this illustration photo. Thomson Reuters Foundation/Nura Ali

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Can a more ethical chocolate bar be grown in the lab?

California Cultured’s lab-grown chocolate looks, feels and almost tastes like the real thing. “We’re still in R&D mode,” says Steven Stearns, Head of Strategy & Business Development at the startup based in Davis, California. Their goal is to create delicious, mass-produced chocolate, while sidestepping some of the problems related to cocoa harvesting that the traditional industry has been criticized for, including massive deforestation and child labour.

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Internally displaced Somali woman Habiba Bile stands near the carcass of her dead livestock following severe droughts near Dollow, Gedo Region, Somalia, May 26, 2022. REUTERS/Feisal Omar

Water security and climate change

As the U.N. Water Conference approaches on 22-24 March, here are some of our stories on water security

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Protesters hold a banner reading 'abortion is a basic right' during a rally in support of abortion rights following the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, in Paris, France, July 2, 2022

Abortion restrictions around the world

In the past year, from the United States to Poland, obstacles have been placed on abortion access as conservative lawmakers tighten restrictions on terminations - what is the state of abortion rights around the world?

Updated: March 17, 2023