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Joanna Gill

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Joanna Gill is Europe correspondent at the Thomson Reuters Foundation based in Brussels covering climate change, society and tech, LGBTQ+ rights and inclusive economies. Before joining the Thomson Reuters Foundation Joanna was Deputy Bureau Chief at Euronews Brussels covering breaking news as well as long-form reporting on EU policy impact.

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Home to animated heroes from Tintin to the Smurfs, Brussels is proud to display its cartoon heritage in mammoth murals that tower over the city's stately streets.

But all is not well in the self-declared capital of comics.

June 13, 2024

As Europe braces for summer wildfires, it is putting some 550 firefighters and 32 aircraft on standby and plans to spend 600 million euros ($644 million) on water-bombing planes, but experts warn the money could be better spent on prevention.

Last year's wildfire season in Europe was among the worst this century, the European Commission said. Fires burnt through more than half a million hectares, led to mass evacuations and killed at least 20 people in Greece.

June 10, 2024

Four days of voting in Europe have shifted the political centre to the right, with far-right parties on track to win just under a quarter of seats in the European Parliament.

While centrist parties remain in the majority, human rights advocates fear that a right-leaning parliament could stall or even roll back progress in certain areas.

June 04, 2024

Europe's progress towards LGBTQ+ equality could take a hit if radical right-wing parties make big gains in the June 6-9 European Parliament election, rights campaigners say.

Polls predict gains by nationalist and eurosceptic parties that have spoken out against LGBTQ+ equality, in some cases reversing previous measures and advocating instead for "traditional" family values.

May 28, 2024

From protest to power: a generation of climate activists who grew up under Greta is coming of age and running for high office to win the change that eluded them on the streets.

Inspired by school-strike leader Greta Thunberg, 20-something eco-warriors - with campaigns launched from Paris to Prague - are swapping banners for ballots in their war on climate change.

May 17, 2024

Legislation on "foreign agents" including a divisive bill passed by Georgia's parliament this week is an urgent issue for LGBTQ+ groups, who fear they will be among the first to be targeted, Europe's top human rights watchdog has warned.

The bill approved by lawmakers on Tuesday would require organisations receiving more than 20% of their funding from abroad to register as agents of foreign influence, imposing onerous disclosure requirements and fines for violations.

April 26, 2024

Activists young and old, farmers, scientists and Indigenous peoples are filing a growing number of lawsuits against governments and fossil fuel companies to try to slow global warming. 

Dubbed "climate lawfare", the total number of such cases has more than doubled since 2015 to about 2,000 now, according to Climate Change Laws of the World, a database of climate change legislation and policies around the globe. 

April 23, 2024

As governments across Europe pursue policies aimed at deterring growing migration from Asian, African and Middle Eastern countries, rights campaigners say some measures could shut out or even criminalise refugees.

European Union lawmakers approved a major asylum policy overhaul on April 10 that the pro-EU political centre says would reduce irregular arrivals as it seeks to stem gains by the far-right ahead of the bloc's parliamentary election in June.

April 09, 2024

Puberty blockers, a contested treatment for children who want to transition gender, are back in the spotlight after England this month stopped routine use of the drugs among young transgender patients.

As more adolescents seek to medically transition around the world, parents, doctors and authorities are grappling with what treatment should be made available to them - and at what age.

March 15, 2024

Low pay, few labour rights and dangerous working conditions - for millions of European gig workers, it can be a rough job. But a deal thrashed out by EU ministers this week addresses one of their biggest headaches - management by algorithm.

Drivers and delivery riders for platforms such as Uber and Deliveroo say the opaque nature of algorithmic management can result in random job assignments and performance ratings, and even account deactivation - hitting their earnings and morale.