Can lab-grown meat be kosher or halal?

Still from the Context video 'Can lab-grown meat be kosher or halal?'

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The rise of lab-grown meat is a dilemma for Islamic and Jewish dietary laws: could animal-free meat ever be considered halal or kosher? It’s a question that both lab-grown companies and religious authorities are interested in tackling, as lab-grown meat inches closer to becoming a widely available product. A kosher or halal certification might be another stamp of approval for lab-grown meat and its promise: products free from animal cruelty and the high greenhouse gas emissions associated with meat production. We spoke to a rabbi, an imam, and other experts to find out if lab-grown bacon can be kosher or halal.

This is Lab-Made, a series about the burgeoning lab-grown industry that’s challenging the way we think about food – from milk, to meat to chocolate.

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