Can lab-grown milk solve dairy’s climate problem?

A still from the Context video 'Can lab-grown milk solve dairy’s climate problem?' showing a jar of cream cheese on a table next to items of food

Traditional dairy products have faced stiff competition from plant-based alternatives in recent years. Now, there's another option on the table: lab-grown milk. Made from microbes in large fermenters, lab-grown dairy is an animal-free product that promises to significantly cut down on the greenhouse gas emissions created by cows and other animals, while providing the same taste and texture as beloved animal dairy products from ice cream to cheese and yogurt. We visited Remilk, a company in Tel Aviv, Israel, to find out how lab-grown dairy is made, and how far can it go toward solving dairy’s climate change problem.

This is Lab-Made, a series about the burgeoning lab-grown industry that’s challenging the way we think about food – from milk, to meat to chocolate.

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Lab Made

A series about an industry challenging the way we think about food and whether it can live up to its promise of changing the world


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