What should we call “lab-grown meat”?

Still from the Context video 'What should we call lab-grown meat'?

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Cultivated, cultured, lab-grown, clean, animal-free, frankenmeat - in the last decade, meat that’s grown in a laboratory has accumulated more than a dozen names and counting. The naming gets even more complicated as the traditional meat industry disputes whether lab-grown meat can even be called “meat” — a legal debate that will influence how companies market lab-grown meat and how consumers perceive it. So, with lab-created meat having scored regulatory approval in the United States last month, bringing it one step closer to becoming a mainstream product, why can’t we decide what to call it, and is a name everything — or nothing?

This is Lab-Made, a series about the burgeoning lab-grown industry that’s challenging the way we think about food – from milk, to meat to chocolate.

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Lab Made

A series about an industry challenging the way we think about food and whether it can live up to its promise of changing the world


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