Can you fight the climate crisis with crypto?

A graphic for the Context video 'Can you fight the climate crisis with crypto?'. The Graphic is a split screen, showing an illustration of a thick canopy of green trees as seen from above on the left hand side, and an illustration of the Bitcoin B with numbers scattered and connected by lines and points on the right

Cryptocurrency companies have started creating digital assets backed by carbon credits and trading them online. The firms say they are using blockchain technology to make the controversial carbon market more accessible and transparent. But can they really help streamline conventional carbon trading and raise more climate finance? 

Context reporters Fabio Teixeira and Avi Asher-Schapiro looked into Brazilian 'climate tech' firm Moss, which says it is "saving the planet” by converting carbon credits into a crypto token.

They uncovered problems with some of the Amazon forest conservation projects whose carbon offsets are being bought and sold by Moss. 

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