Is my job as a video producer safe from AI?

Thomson Reuters Foundation video producer Ashley Jiang is pictured holding her hands together in front of a robot emoji and a Memoji in this graphic for the Context video 'Is my job as a video producer safe from AI?'. Ashley Jiang/Thomson Reuters Foundation

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In the last year, we’ve seen AI create award winning art, write movie scripts, diagnose patients and even pass an MBA exam. It has me wondering how safe my job as a video producer is. I’ve worked hard to become good at my job, and I’m not ready to let the machines take over just yet. But how much of what I do could be automated one day?

To find out, I decided to make a short video about the Shiba Inu, a Japanese dog breed, and then use various AI programs to create a video on the same topic. These programs wrote the script, did the voice-over, found the footage and even edited it all together, with some input from me. Then I asked some of my brutally honest coworkers to compare the two. Watch the video above to see how I fared. 

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